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Relaxation + Meditation.
Create A Sanctuary Anywhere With Our Crackling, Wood Wick Candles.

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Candles Designed To Melt Your Stress Away!

Why Unravel Luxury Candles?

We are mood setters!  Our candles will instantly change the ambiance & atmosphere once lit.  Looking to create a warm, cozy, inviting space?  Whether if it's for romance, relaxation, anniversary or birthday, we have a candle for that!  Feeling anxious?  Our crackling, wooden wick candles help with anxiety, relaxing your mind and body.  Just take a minute and listen closely to the smooth crackling sound and gaze into the flickering flame, take a few deep breathes in and out.  Whew!  Wow!  What a sense of well being!


Lighting a candle daily has helped me cope with the unavoidable stresses in life.  Let's create a new daily ritual, take a few minutes out of each day to spend with yourself.  Find a dark quiet place to settle into your intentions, then light your candle and let the manifestation begin!  Putting yourself first is a necessity & beneficial to your health.  Repeat after me!  I DESERVE IT!  Not only are they great companions on lonely days, they leave behind a lovely fragrance that linger for hours after being snuffed (extinguished). 


Our small batch candles are formulated with a clean & slow burning soy wax blend.  All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free and made with high quality phthalate-free fragrances & essential oils. 


Customer Reviews

Unravel Luxury Candles
Unravel Luxury Candles
Unravel Luxury Candles
Unravel Luxury Candles
Unravel Luxury Candles

" Simply AMAZING!"

"The BEST candles ever!!! The candles give a soft fragrance that is perfect for any room in the house. The 20/20 has a fresh, clean scent that will compliment your home especially after cleaning. My FAV, rose noire, is truly one of a kind. I use rose noire wax melts in my office at work and it is divine. These candles will exceed your expectations. P.S. The wood crackling is perfect while sitting and reflecting or reading a book!"



Scented Candles

Transform your home with our magically scented candles. Impart every room with its own distinct vibe!


Room Sprays

Make the impossible, possible with our room sprays! Neutralize odors instead of masking them, leaving behind a luxurious fragrance!


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House & Garden

House & Garden was launched in 1947 and showcases the best in international design and decoration from around the world. 

We are pleased and honored to be featured in House & Garden's December, January, and February issues.
Unique, Small Batch, Hand Poured Candles That Are Perfect For Relaxation & Meditation.
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