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Introducing the luxurious Silver Wick Trimmer, a must-have addition to any home decor! This silver trimmer is specially designed with a simple, sleek look that adds an elevated and sophisticated touch to any candle holder.


The Wick Trimmer is not only stylish but also has many practical features. Its innovative design helps you keep the wick within your candle at the optimal burning length just with a few simple cuts. Just hold onto the central handle, lower the curves to reach the wick and snip away – it's that easy! Plus, this trimmer comes with a collectible metal catch cup for perfectly trimmed debris so less mess for you!


Don't miss out on this perfect reminder of luxury and sophistication in your home. Get the Wick Trimmer today and add these elegant touches of refinement to your home decor. With its exceptional design and sleek silver finish, this trimmer looks great in any environment – perfect for those that appreciate luxury living and want their home décor to reflect that sentiment. Add some luxe elegance into your life today and get the Wick Trimmer now!

Silver LUXE Wick Trimmer

Only 3 left in stock
  • -Place the trimmer's long handle against the inside of the jar's rim for guidance and bring the curved scissor blades to the wick, about 1/8" from the base and parallel with the wax.

    -Trim your wick and discard the snipped portion in the trash.

    -As a safety precaution, never leave wick trimmings (matches or other debris, for that matter) in your candle jar!

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