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Add a touch of luxury to your home décor with the LUXE Wick Trimmer Rose Gold edition! This finely crafted trimmer is made of luxurious rose gold metal, providing a much needed touch of sophistication in any room or setting. The carefully designed rims are curved to allow for easy and precise trimming of your favorite candles, giving you the perfect burn every time.


Not only does it look beautiful but its quality matches its elegance! Made from hardened steel and coated with a rust-resistant finish, it's as durable and as reliable as ever. So spoil yourself and add this beautiful tool to your home décor - after all, you deserve nothing less than the finer things in life!

Rose Gold LUXE Wick Trimmer

Only 4 left in stock
  • -Place the trimmer's long handle against the inside of the jar's rim for guidance and bring the curved scissor blades to the wick, about 1/8" from the base and parallel with the wax.

    -Trim your wick and discard the snipped portion in the trash.

    -As a safety precaution, never leave wick trimmings (matches or other debris, for that matter) in your candle jar!

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