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Experience Ritual Incense: the perfect addition to any luxurious self-care ritual.


Our therapeutic incense sticks effortlessly fill your home, enhancing your mood and intensifying relaxation.


Whether you’re wanting a moment of peace and calmness during panicked days or needing help to find creative focus for that next project, our incense sticks are here to help. Each stick is crafted to provide a unique aromatic experience.


Just light one of our incense sticks and let its inviting scent instantly take you away to a tranquil oasis. Add Ritual Incense to your sacred morning routine or evening relaxation ritual for an extra level of blissful ambiance, and sure to set the mood each time. Treat yourself to a feeling of total serenity with just one whiff of these soothing fragrances!


- Available in multiple fragrances

- Includes 25 Incense Sticks

- Each stick burns for 1 hour+

- Incense holder not included

Ritual Incense

  • - Light the end of the stick, blow out flame and place in holder.

    -Ensure the incense holder is heat proof and non-flammable materials.

    -Never leave incense burning unattended or near children or pets.

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