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Introducing the Matte Black LUXE Wick Trimmer, an astonishingly luxurious experience for anyone who loves to enjoy the finer things in life. Crafted from high-quality matte black metal with a sleek, modern design, the Wick Trimmer is perfect for those who appreciate stylish home decor and don’t settle for anything less than excellence.


Experience the difference of luxury! This stunning trimmer offers a superior way to trim wicks on candles, ensuring consistent burning and producing an enviable flame that radiates perfection and beauty. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing, but its patented ergonomic handle provides more comfort and stability while you’re trimming your wick. With this trimmer, you can achieve consistently even results every time.


This exquisite Wick Trimmer is sure to add a unique level of sophistication and luxury to any home décor collection. Ready to make a dramatic statement? Invest in the Wick Trimmer today––you won’t regret it!

Matte Black LUXE Wick Trimmer

  • -Make sure to trim your wick before each lighting or once your candle has cooled to room temperature; never attempt to trim a burning candle.

    -Place the trimmer's long handle against the inside of the jar's rim for guidance and bring the curved scissor blades to the wick, about 1/8" from the base and parallel with the wax.

    -Trim your wick and discard the snipped portion in the trash.

    -As a safety precaution, never leave wick trimmings (matches or other debris, for that matter) in your candle jar!

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