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Essential in any luxe home, the perfect candle snuffer should be sophisticated, stylish and elegant. Our luxury Matte Black LUXE Candle Snuffer offers just that. It's crafted with premium materials and modern lines making it an ideal accent to add to your home decor. The beautiful matte black finish gives it a rich, sophisticated look that is at once chic and modern.


When used properly this candle snuffer will make the ritual of lighting and extinguishing candles a breeze. Even better you can place it on the shelf or ledge near your candles so its ready when you need it. You can rest easy knowing that its superior design is made to last, providing you with years of reliable service.


Adding beauty and class to every corner of your home, it's sure to become one of your favorite must-have accessories. Let this luxurious piece provide endless ease and style for years to come!

Matte Black LUXE Candle Snuffer

Only 3 left in stock
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