Gifting candles no longer means simple gifts. We have taken the candle gifting idea and turned it into a luxurious, glam one. We have combined high quality, amazing scents, and luxurious style in a gold crystal jar. Hand-poured candle in a luxe gold crystal jar with a matching lid. This candle size is perfect for dressers, countertops, nightstands. We have 3 different scents available, choose your journey accordingly, or get all of them.


💎ROSE NOIRE - Create an amazing ambiance with our floral candle. Rose Noire is a definite favorite amongst the ladies & gentlemen it's sensual yet relaxing. We have created an amazing floral scent that reminds us of a blooming spring with a romantic touch.


This candle is infused with cassis, jasmine, neroli, smoky musk, rose, and bergamot, essential oils that balance the sweet flowers with a smooth scent. When you light this candle you will instantly feel like in a blooming orchard in the warm sun. Makes the perfect meditation candle, just close your eyes and let the scent take over.


💎20/20 - Refresh your indoor air with an exotic blend. The main notes in 20/20 are cedarwood and patchouli, infused with oud, sandalwood, lemon and basil for an earthy touch, combined with soft floral lavender and tulip scents.


Create a worldly scent that will get you focused no matter where you are, working, studying, or even cleaning. A candle that will make you feel like you are in a stroll in the woods, forest, refreshing yet earthy smell.


💎HAVANA - Transport yourself and your guests to the world of old Havana with this unique candle. A strong, masculine, exotic scent blend that will make you feel like sitting in a gentleman's lounge with sweet woodsy smells afloat while savoring a fine cigar!


This historic candle is infused with fir needle, cedarwood, bay leaf, bergamot, and tobacco. Makes a great choice for smokers as it will minimize the cigarette smell and change it with an earthy-sweet scent. Travel back in time, while being at home. P.S. Cigar is not included!



• Candle in a luxurious gold color crystal jar

• Choose from 3 different scents

• Soy wax blend, vegan and animal-cruelty free

• Handmade without any toxic materials

• Raw, untreated crackling wooden wick

• Soothing Cracking Sound

• High-quality phthalate-free fragrances & essential oils

• Clean & slow-burning

• 50+ Hour Burn Time

• Paraben-Free

• Lead & Zinc-Free

• 7 oz candle weight

• Eco-friendly, no waste packaging

• All items are handmade & hand-poured in Dallas, Texas.

LUX Soy Candle 7oz. - Gold