Our Story

Elegant Wellness & Meditation Candles

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, my salon was forced to close down for two months. This gave me a rare opportunity to reflect on myself, my life, and my business. I felt challenged to heal and pursue a meaningful creative outlet. As a hair stylist and Trichologist, I've always adopted the mission to solve problems and inject beauty into everything I touch. With that in mind, I created a line of meditation candles for the enjoyment of my clients (and myself!). Making candles for my salon started as a way to help my clients relax and stimulate their senses away from the stress of hair loss and scalp conditions. Amazingly, it caught the attention of many more looking for a way to bring calm and beauty into their space! I take pride in offering only exclusive, handcrafted products. Unravel Luxury Candles are for anyone in search of a signature luxury scent. My candles will elevate your meditations with the simple crackling of a wooden wick and a captivating aroma!

-Sharita M

Unravel Luxury Candles