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Meet Unravel Luxury Candles


Offering magnificently scented candles that light up the home and ignite the senses, Unravel Luxury Candles is a family owned and female operated small business with a passion for holistic re-centering and stunning aesthetics.   We create candles designed to inspire, soothe, comfort, and enhance any space or mood. 

Opening our doors in 2020 to provide our customers with the much-needed stress relief and spatial support they need to endure the overwhelming experience caused by the global pandemic, Unravel Luxury Candles has remained steadfast in our mission to provide premium vegan candles that are hand-poured and cruelty free to an audience of candle and home décor enthusiasts throughout the country.

For Unravel Luxury Candles Founder Sharita, embracing creativity and engaging in self-care has always been at the forefront of her philosophy.  After having to shut down her beloved hair salon for two months in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Sharita started creating luxury vegan candles for her clients to provide them with the support and comfort they needed during these trying times.  Today, Sharita has put her spin on homemade gluten-free and paraben-free candle goodness – embracing an entirely holistic and eco-friendly approach to relaxation with her essential oil-filled luxurious candles. They are filled with high-quality ingredients and made to perfection in Dallas, Texas.

Being a professional hairstylist and Trichologist, Sharita has always been on a mission to solve problems, lift spirits, and inject beauty wherever she can. Even before the pandemic took hold, she was looking for ways to make her clients feel relaxed while also stimulating their senses to provide a euphoric experience for them as she tended to their hair needs.  Clearly underestimating how much her clients would love this experience, she was surprised when her clients began to request a way to bring that same magnificent sensory experience into their own homes and spaces.

Sharita takes pride in offering exclusive, handcrafted products that ease your mind and soothe your heart. Each product is specifically tailored to a mood you'd like to achieve using essential oil blends that are proven to promote overall happiness and wellness.